As an uncertain world entered COVID-19 lockdowns earlier this year, there were at least two positive developments. People everywhere began adopting cats and C-K began working with a fantastic new client, Cat’s Pride cat litter.

We were thrilled to help Cat’s Pride center their brand around their litter donation program, Litter For Good. For every jug sold, Cat’s Pride donates a pound of litter to a shelter, which frees up shelter resources and goes a long way towards helping cats find forever homes. At C-K, we believe a brand with a great cause is a brand that’s easy to get behind.

Check out our Cats Who Care campaign.

And who better to relay the Cat’s Pride mission than cats themselves? Sure, cats have a reputation for being aloof, but the truth is – cats care. Once we had our idea, we moved on to the next problem—how to film cats (or film anything) while locked down and working remotely.

Well, it turns out that CG cats are very cooperative on set.

Oh wait, you thought these were real talking cats?

Check out Bobby the cat and more here.

Cat's Pride Litter for Good™ Charlene