We bring humanity to the media equation.

With nearly 100 practitioners across media planning and buying, programmatic, search engine marketing and data-driven analytics, C-K Media works in unison to build the right friendships for your brands. We believe the right friends create long-term profitable relationships—and that’s always our goal for our clients.

We do this by treating your current and future consumers like people, not numbers on a spreadsheet. We look beyond the data to be deeply empathetic to their journey to becoming a brand’s friend.

If it sounds like we think about media a bit differently, that’s because we do.

C-K Media: Make Friends Through Data Driven Imagination.™

Making friends requires a different type of agency partner. So, we’ve built C-K Media to be different. We don’t operate in silos because consumers don’t exist in silos. Reaching today’s consumer requires a deep understanding of the entire ecosystem: paid, earned, shared and owned. It requires an understanding of how content works across all these channels. That’s why we don’t simply put messages in market; we map that content across the ecosystem.

Our focus is on changing behavior and driving business results. To do that, you must think beyond the flow chart. Move from ratings to relationships. From channels to connections. We shift media from what you spend to how you achieve your business goals. That’s how we make friends for brands.

C-K media services include: