We love data. And we love growing revenue by using data.

With powerful in-house data analytics solutions, we can provide insights powered by data which will help you grow your business. It’s an approach that works across verticals and audiences because data is our north star that guides brands toward their goals and through the constantly shifting terrain of today’s marketplace.

We also help brands become more consumer-focused by unlocking the potential of first-party data, developing new insights about customers, and maximizing ROI with bespoke data strategy.  Whether an insight is automated through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) or developed with predictive Analytics, C-K analytics will keep brands moving forward.

Technology and toolkits to help you harness the power of data include:

C-K Performance Center: Real Time Alerts and Information at your Fingertips

Performance Center provides clients with direct, real-time, access to their marketing performance data – making rapid-fire business analytics easier than ever and reducing the time to data-driven decision making.

LinCKage: Budget and Scenario Planning against Your Most Important Outcomes

LinCKage enables brands to understand how your marketing works together to drive results. With LinCKage, gain control of your marketing investments and learn what it takes to achieve the results you need. Machine learning and AI help plan for and optimize real business outcomes.

Centaur: Analyze and Optimize Every Aspect of your Creative to Resonate with Consumers

Centaur is content performance analytics that breaks down content into its critical elements: narrative, emotion, descriptions, calls-to-action, formatting, and word positioning. The analysis provides a playbook of best practices to motivate your prospects to take action.