Is the best creative brilliant, or effective? Yes.

There’s an old saying in advertising: “Ya gotta do both.”

Ambitious, clever and well-executed creative work is nothing if it doesn’t generate ambitious, clever and well-executed results.

Can you win a Lion and an Effie with the same campaign? You can if you’re doing it right.

“Ya gotta do both.”

And when you do, that’s when you generate category-changing, business-building, lasting ideas, that delight and make friends with the audience.

To have a great creative agency like C-K, your creative work starts at a core insight – born of research, analytics, and intuition – that will inspire behavioral change. Then a diverse, multi-disciplinary group of exceptional creative people takes the ball and runs with it. Along the way, gleaning feedback and insight from their cross-disciplinary partners.

Because we don’t just do great creative for creative’s sake. We do great creative for business’ sake. Or in a word, both.

Take a look at the work.