By Tom Swierczewski, Director of Programmatic DesCK

In Q2 of this year I had the privilege to be invited to The Future of Programmatic and Automation Think Tank sponsored by the 4A’s and the 614 Group. The Think Tank was designed to identify and tackle some of the most complex topics that are plaguing the programmatic ecosystem today and impact the way we do business in the future. We have identified 2 primary issues we wanted to research and propose solutions to: Marketing Automation and Identity Management.

I joined up with some smart minds in the industry to help writeIdentity Management: Challenges and Solutions in a Post-Cookie World” available here and you can register for our October 27 webinar here.

Identity Management is increasingly becoming a crucial issue to marketers. With the rise of privacy regulations at the state legislature level, and the new regulation on data management coming out of major tech companies, marketers face increased scrutiny on how they develop relationships with customers while using data in media transactions. Access to data that helps us understand what customers want to hear about will become more limited in the next few years, and data collection points will have to become more transparent in order for marketers to continue to best support their brands.

In the paper we are tackling how ad tech and marketers can work together to better adjust to this new reality. We do all agree that the future is unknown, as many of these new factors are still changing and evolving, but the focus is on how as marketers we become more agile. We discuss which steps advertisers can take now to prepare a foundation that is robust enough to withstand data and privacy evolution:

  • How to build and prepare for the 3rd party cookie depreciation in the coming months.
  • How to tackle household data fragmentation, but still ensure that we are building lasting relationships with customers, while letting them lead the way on what information they want to share and how they want to share it.
  • What are the viable solutions that could act as an alternative to data targeting that are both privacy compliant and highly effective?

Here at C-K, our DesCK® Programmatic Buying Platform team has been setting up clients for success on these issues. We have built a multi-DSP platform with partnerships across both ad tech and publishers in order to access best-in-class 2nd party data and Unified ID solutions, both of which inform our Supply Path Optimizations. We have built an agile infrastructure to ensure our bidding strategies are flexible and the data that underpins them is robust and stable. And we are actively working with clients on how they can build their own first party data sets to utilize. As a result, our clients can stay ahead of the identity management changes and always align their media practice with their business goals.

For more information on how Identity Resolution is evolving and impacting your marketing practice , please download the paper here.