Angry PiCKles share their favorite tour road songs for the May agency playlist.

The Angry PiCKles are C-K Chicago’s house band. Once a year they come together for an exclusive tour for The Battle for Hope benefiting Off the Street Club, a boys and girls club for at-risk youth. The exclusive one-show tour and battle of the agency bands, pits the PiCKles against musical acts from across Chicago’s large agency community.

Over the many storied years of PiCKles history (two years, to be exact) band members have come and gone but what remains true for every Angry PiCKle is their diverse list of musical loves. So, when they rev up the tour van and hit the long and winding road to the Cubby Bear on May 28, their road songs range across decades and genres.

To give us a taste of what tour life sounds like, they put together the May Agency Playlist for us.

The PiCKles Picks:

Jarrett Hothan (bass, saxophone, bare ankles, rising star)

Guided by Voices, “Motor Away”

Hawkwind, “The Black Corridor”

Miles Jappa (guitar, vox, longhairdontcare)

Getz/Gilberto, “Corcovado”

Cara MacLean (vox, fast cars)

Stevie Wonder, “Send One Your Love”

James Taylor, “Country Road”

Emily Taus (bass, guitar, vox, maracca shredding)

White Stripes, “There’s No Home for You Here”

Benjamin Booker, “Happy Homes”

Jimmy Dietzen (guitar, vox, stage strutting)

Weezer, “In the Garage”

Diamond Youth, “Far Away from Earth”

Kent Widman (interstellar awesomeness, dial turning, height advantage)

Deerhoof, Exit Only”

Isaac Hayes, “Don’t Let Go”

Lexi Beesley (vocal witchcraft, guitar, keeping the ship tight)

Bob Marley, “Redemption Song”

Mumford & Sons, “The Wolf”






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