Our Story

It begins with our mission:  Make friends, not ads.® We come to every client engagement with a perspective that our primary role is not merely the craft of making advertising. Our role is helping brands win friends and create connections that change minds and change behavior. Human, emotional, lasting friendships. And every connection with a brand’s target is a way to invest in that friendship: Deliver value to my life. Entertain me. Excite me. Meaningfully inform me. This is how we think, plan and execute for our clients.

For decades agencies have pitched “integration.” Well, we are interconnected. The difference is, our full complement of integrated marketing services resides within our four walls, with a single P&L and led by a unified and interconnected leadership team. Not in separate departments or holding company entities that may live across town or across the country.

We have a deep offering of interconnected services and tools. A storied creative and media offering fueled by insight. An analytics capability that informs decisions and tracks results. A strategy-informed performance marketing practice across search, social, e-commerce and programmatic. Unified PR and social marketing team that drives innovation, integration and performance, fostering friendships in the social and mobile channels where relationships today are built.

And, finally, our approach combines creativity AND accountability. We have a tradition of creative work that builds iconic brands and, yes, wins awards. (See our work tab.) But we also know that only work that works matters. So, our strategic analytics capability is interconnected to creativity, and fosters accountability and results.

C-K helps clients make friends for their brands. Friendships that inspire and friendships that change behavior. So how can we help you make more friends?