Working with Snoopy.

By Josh Mizrachi, VP, Creative Director


If you happen to be reading aloud, make sure no children are present. What I’m about to tell you might crush their innocent little souls.

You guys, there’s more than one Snoopy.

That’s right. I saw it with my own eyes. A few weeks ago, we were at Knott’s Berry Farm, filming a commercial and the star of our shoot was Snoopy.

Make that two Snoopys.

There’s a reason, though. Legally, Snoopy is only allowed to be on set 30 minutes at a time before having to take a 15-minute break. Legally.

Yes, I’m being completely serious.

That means, to keep things moving and not turn it into a 17-hour day of filming, we had two Snoopys on set. While one Snoopy was performing, the other Snoopy was watching. That way both Snoopys could hear what our director was saying and their performance would be consistent when one tagged in for the other.

Oh, and guess what?

Snoopy has a Snoopy Handler (that’s an unofficial title). And, he’s not too different from an actual dog handler because the Snoopy Handler led Snoopy from one place to the next, helping the beagle hit his marks on set. He also helped adjust each Snoopy’s wardrobe and he even had a Snoopy Brush (trademark!) to uhhhh, brush each Snoopy’s hair. Again, I’m being completely serious.

Oh, and guess what else?

There’s a step-by-step tutorial to recreate Snoopy’s voice if you want him to “speak” in a commercial. Who wouldn’t want a cuddly, human-sized white furry beagle that walks on his two hind legs to speak in a commercial?

Every so often throughout my career, I find myself laughing at the weird things I’ve learned and done in the name of work. And with my Snoopy experience on set, I now have one more thing to add to my list.


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