At Social Media Week in Chicago we talked about SEO in 2015 and what to expect in 2016.

SEO in 2015

At this year’s Social Media Week session on SEO, Nick Papagiannias, vice president, search director and Christian Dodd, vice president, user experience strategy recapped the year in SEO and looked ahead to 2016. They duo discussed “Mobilegeddon”, Panda 4.2 and the introduction of AMP which put responsibility on content creators and publishers to ensure that our content is authentic, loads quickly, efficiently, and easily on a variety of platforms and devices.

View the presentation.

Additional resources discussed in the session:

Learn about and add an RSS feed to Apple News Publisher.
Learn about Instant Articles which is currently in closed beta, but likely to open to additional publishers in the near future.
Learn about AMP, AMP Code and AMP on WordPress.

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