Webpicks: Mercury V12 Derado.

Communication Arts – March 30, 2021

Responses by Robert Geiger, senior front-end developer, Lightburn; Todd Stone, senior vice president, executive creative director, Cramer-Krasselt; and Maxx Valenti, vice president, associate creative director, Cramer-Krasselt.

Background: Outboard motor manufacturer Mercury Marine had a new engine to unveil in early 2021. But this was no ordinary product launch: it was the world’s first 600-horsepower, V12 powerhead designed for an outboard—the Mercury V12 Verado. Up until this release, big boat manufacturers and buyers had limited options for powering their boats, because outboards lacked the total torque to drive heavier boats. The V12 Verado literally blows industry norms out of the proverbial water.

Boaters would have to see the level of power and technology that the Mercury V12 Verado has to believe it. Unfortunately, boat shows across the country were canceled due to COVID—making it impossible to experience the magnitude of this engine firsthand. Mercury had to find a different stage where it could tell its story. We helped create a digital experience as dynamic and beautiful as the engine itself, an immersive journey that educated users on every technical advancement. While the digital experience may not be quite as exciting as physically taking a V12 Verado out on the water, it certainly helps you grasp the magnitude of the groundbreaking engineering that went into designing this outboard and gives you a taste of what to expect when you actually can experience its power in real life.

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