Tropicana’s new toothpaste doesn’t ruin your OJ.

Ad Age – November 2, 2021

Very serious research from Tropicana has revealed that 80% of orange juice drinkers agree brushing one’s teeth before a cold glass can ruin the taste of the citrus beverage. That’s why this week, in time for the very serious holiday National Brush Day, Tropicana teamed with its agency Cramer-Krasselt to launch a sweepstakes to win a limited-edition toothpaste formula that won’t ruin the taste of OJ.

The mint-flavored toothpaste was specially formulated with Dynamic Blending Specialists, a personal care manufacturer, and promises maximum OJ flavor protection. This was achieved by removing the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, a cleaning agent that produces a bitter taste when combined with the juice of an orange.

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