Ad of the Week: Porsche casts Bill Nye to teach electric Taycan.

REEL Chicago – April 20, 2021

Who doesn’t love Bill Nye, the Science Guy? Porsche certainly does, as the luxury brand has tapped Nye for a five-part web series explaining the engineering of the battery electric Taycan. Launching today, the project is aptly titled “Bill Nye Explains the All-Electric Taycan.” 

This is a fast follow to last month’s “Going the Distance” 8-minute film with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter enjoying a buddy trip, with built-in challenges, that showcased the performance of the brand’s first electric sports car.

The series (created by C-K) highlights what sets the Taycan apart – its 800-volt battery, clever aerodynamics, regenerative breaking, two-speed transmission and repeatable performance. Using simple terms, Nye breaks down these complex topics, making the science and innovative engineering behind the Taycan accessible.

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