Naughty Bags are not your typical condoms.

The Dieline – September 6, 2017

These are not your typical condoms. Cramer-Krasselt have teamed up with nonprofit Diverse & Resilient to create a new brand of condoms aimed at helping lower teen pregnancy rates.

“In an effort to reduce the high rates of teen-pregnancy in Milwaukee, two local organizations are launching a new brand of condoms, ‘Naughty Bags’, available free of charge in neighborhoods with high teen pregnancy rates.

Milwaukee has a teen pregnancy rate three times that of the national average and STD rates are equally high. Naughty Bags aim to increase awareness of the importance of sexual health, motivate young adults to make safe sexual choices and engage with the community to create positive change.

Naughty Bags are not your typical condoms. Using information gathered from focus groups with urban young adults and research on their sexual behavior, Cramer-Krasselt, an integrated marketing and communications agency, and community partner Diverse & Resilient, a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the well-being of Wisconsin’s LGBTQ community, recognized that this unique problem required a unique solution. The current messages just are not working.”

“Milwaukee’s youth are familiar with the benefits of safe sex, and the Naughty Bags brand was designed to help keep that knowledge top-of-mind, while taking away the intimidation factor. Everything from the Naughty Bags name, to the artwork, to the individual names (like ‘Scuba Gear’ and ‘Papa Stopper’) that appear on each condom wrapper, were developed with the teens’ feedback in mind. Ideas for accessible distribution channels were also developed to help teens and young adults most in need.

Diverse & Resilient will be distributing Naughty Bags through their existing 414ALL free condom program all around Milwaukee. Additionally, Naughty Bags will be available in community barbershops that will house condom dispensers and also through discreet pickup locations (disguised as newspaper stands) throughout the Milwaukee ZIP codes that need them most.

All distribution locations can be found on the Naughty Bags website.”

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