MediaPost – September 9, 2020

Cramer-Krasselt is celebrating its 122nd anniversary this month by looking back through its historical documents to understand how C-K’s past can help position it for future success.

C-K formed when two bicycle enthusiasts named Cody Cramer and William Krasselt started printing a pamphlet called “The Wheelman” for their bicycle club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When companies who sold bicycles and parts got wind of this pamphlet, they wanted to put ads in it, but didn’t know how or what to say. Cramer and Krasselt stepped in to handle the penning of ads as well as printing them.

“From the gate, even back then, C-K really did it all—writing, designing and printing every element a client might need from the ads, billboards and catalogs to old bill stuffers that companies would use in the mail,” explained Peter Krivkovich, CEO of C-K since 1998. “There are even stories about how we wrote and published corporate newsletters, fun stuff like Quality Biscuit Co.’s ‘Cracker Facts’ and Pabst’s ‘Blue Ribbon News.’”

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