E-commerce services at C-K: A practice driven by interconnected teams synchronizing capabilities across the PESO ecosystem.

Unlike e-commerce services at other agencies, C-K Commerce connects e-commerce through the entire paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) channel landscape, leveraging expertise from a cross-functional team that includes the media, experience and innovation, analytics, technology and creative disciplines. Our chief reason for being is to deliver consistent results through real-time, actionable insights and hands-on-keyboard management that drive sales.

Our approach creates a competitive advantage for brands by removing e-commerce from its silo to build the type of seamless experiences consumers expect from brands. C-K Commerce delivers actionable insights into how a brand’s marketing efforts can synchronize to drive sales.

C-K Commerce services include:

  • Digital direct managed service partnerships
  • Shopper marketing
  • Grocery, DTC and social commerce
  • E-commerce analytics and data strategy
  • Retail journey mapping and optimization
  • API integration across owned and paid channels
  • Commerce experience design and development
  • Digital couponing