C-K Create

C-K Create Is Calling All Makers, Creators and Hustlers

You’re close to getting your foot in the door at one of the country’s leading independent advertising agencies.

As a C-K Creator, you will be immersed in brands like Porsche, Spirit Airlines, T. Marzetti, Edward Jones, Cedar Fair and more. You’ll also be on the hook for creating and executing nimble ideas that will spark conversations and impact the world. All in 10 weeks.

Are You Ready?

We want the best, most creative, most diverse thinkers around. To become one of us, you need to do more than just send a resume.

Mixed in with all the boring stuff like your name, email and resume is a little box labeled “Video Link.”

Since a big part of the program is about passion, causes and creativity, we’d love to get a little window into what makes you tick. Are you a foodie, band member or sports fanatic? Have you traveled the world? Whatever it is, the video is your chance to show us what you’re passionate about.

Your video:


Make a video that creatively shows us something you’re passionate about.


Upload your video to an accessible host like YouTube or Vimeo.


Make sure to provide your video link with your completed application.

Applications are open from December to February each year. When the time comes, listings will be posted here.

The Fine Print

It wouldn’t be an application if there weren’t specific requirements.

So here’s what you need to know:

  • You can apply for more than one internship (discipline or location)
  • You must submit a resume
  • You must be a rising junior or senior
  • You must be available to interview via Skype or in person
  • You must be willing to relocate to Chicago or Milwaukee for the summer
  • You must be available to work full time between June 8th and August 14th
  • You must be able to secure summer housing on your own
  • You must submit a video (two minutes or less) as part of your application
  • You must submit a portfolio of work (creative hires only)


Your Questions, Our Answers

Hey—which departments can I apply for through C-K Create?

Any of the following:

Brand Planning — mining culture and society to create strategic insights

Account Management — developing business objectives, sales goals and marketing plans

Creative — coming up with ideas, nurturing them and bringing them to life

Media — staying on top of media trends and developing media strategies and plans

PR/Social — creating buzz for a brand via social engagement

Search — thoughtfully analyzing and implementing key internet search terms to increase the reach of a brand’s communications

Data & Analytics — examining raw data patterns and transforming them into consumer insights

How about this video? Does it need to be really polished and perfect?

Nope, not at all. You can shoot it on your iPhone for all we care. We’re interested in how you think and what you care about. But, keep in mind that we’re looking for creators, so a little creativity, while not a mandate, could only help.

Where do we live while in Chicago or Milwaukee?

Somewhere that has a roof. And hopefully running water. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Some C-K Creators lived in college dorms that were leasing rooms out, others with family, others on their own. We can definitely help with recommendations and thoughts.

Uhhh, so like, do we get paid?

Uhhh, so like, yeah, you do. It’s something we’ll talk about during the interview process.

When are applications due?

We accept applications from December 1 to February 28 each year. Our Creative Intern applications will remain open until March 31.

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