Rain-X® proves seeing really is believing in new advertising campaign by Cramer-Krasselt. 

Cramer-Krasselt (C-K), one of the nation’s largest integrated creative and data-driven agencies, and Rain-X®, an industry leader in automotive water repellent technology, have unveiled a campaign introducing the latest technological innovation in wiper blades. Yes, wiper blades.

The new Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency Blades apply Rain-X treatment directly to your car’s windshield. So, water both beads up and flies off the windshield and gets wiped away by the wiper—resulting in far better visibility in challenging driving conditions season after season.

“It’s science. But honestly, it feels more like magic,” said Todd Stone, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director at C-K. “The water beading caused by the hydrophobic properties of Rain-X is just amazing to watch. The water ceases to be threatening and just becomes beautiful and amazing.”

The commercial depicts a fantastical test track lined with water fountains of various sizes. Throughout the ad, we watch a car swiftly move through the water show. As the Rain-X water repellency wiper blades apply the magic of Rain-X to the car’s windshield, the water beads up and swiftly flies away. The displays of water and scenery prove that, though the weather can be unpredictable, Rain-X outsmarts the elements and helps you move with confidence through any conditions.

Let the weather drive you inside? Never. Watch the creative here.

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