Porsche and Backdrop bring Porsche paint colors into your home.

Being “Driven by Dreams” is Porsche’s purpose. Those who turn their dreams into a reality make the world a richer, bolder, more colorful place.

Which is why Porsche partnered with Backdrop, a high end, bespoke paint company, for the “Dream Walls” campaign, bringing four iconic Porsche colors into dreamer’s homes everywhere: Speed Yellow, Riviera Blue, Irish Green and Ruby Star. Each of these colors represents a historic time in Porsche’s history. These colors are on sale to the public at backdrophome.com/Porsche.

The campaign launched across multiple channels, including Porsche’s and Backdrop’s Instagram accounts, their respective websites, digital signage and more.

To amplify the partnership further, there was a nine-page spread in the July/August print issue of Dwell magazine. Readers learned about the history of the iconic colors and the Porsche x Backdrop partnership and were able to imagine their spaces through a full-page paint chip.

Fans also got to see the paint colors come to life in the real world when Dwell featured the home of architect and avid car collector Dan Brunn.

The Porsche and Backdrop partnership was covered by dozens of websites and publications, including Yahoo!, MSN, Media Post, Hypebeast, Uncrate and Design Milk.

Through the “Dream Walls” campaign, Porsche is offering a truly unique opportunity to make a connection with the legendary brand.

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