Media roundup: Tropicana Crunch

We knew they were out there.

The “cereal in orange juice” people.

In fact, we knew there were about 15 million people out there who had tried OJ instead of milk with their cereal.

So we worked with our client Tropicana to come up with a cereal specifically designed to be eaten with orange juice and thus…

Tropicana Crunch was born.

But this wasn’t just any new product launch. This would be a limited-edition, Instagram-only giveaway, launching on May 4th, National Orange Juice Day.

Not only did the cereal sell out in mere seconds, but the constant media coverage proved the idea was worth sharing.

But don’t just take our word for it – check it out yourself on Today, CNN, Food & Wine, Hypebeast or Ad Age, to name just a few.

See? We knew.

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