Corona advertising agency brings Tony Romo back for the Corona Hotline.

Forbes – August 15, 2019

By Kristi Dosh

Corona advertising agency, Cramer-Krasselt announced The Corona Hotline is returning this football season for a third year with Tony Romo once again manning the phones. Fans can call the Corona Hotline at 1-844-9-Corona for gameday predictions, fantasy advice and more.

Ann Legan, vice president of brand marketing at Corona, says last year’s campaign was a success for the company.

“What stood out to us as a brand from last year was the fan excitement to participate with Tony operating the Hotline,” says Legan. “We saw a 60-percent call increase and a 201% increase in sweepstakes entries last year versus 2017. The year-over-year increases show how we’re resonating with the fans and we’re excited to see what happens this season as folks continue to find their Gameday Beach!”

She says continuing the campaign for another year was an easy decision.

“This is our third year with the Corona Extra Gameday Hotline campaign, and it continues to be a fan favorite.

“We’re seeing more and more calls into the Hotline and we’re excited to see the association with Corona and football continue to grow! Plus, we have such a great advocate in Tony Romo that really brings this program to life.”

Romo will again this season provide gameday pep talks and fantasy football advice. In addition, new giveaways will be available, including a Corona Gameday Beer Fridge and a chance for fans to find their “Gameday Beach” with a trip to watch the Super Bowl beachside in Clearwater, Florida.

“Whether you are laser-focused on fantasy domination or you are getting ready to cheer your favorite team on to victory, the Hotline will have something for everyone,” says Legan.

Focusing on football – particularly fantasy football – is a good fit Corona because the brand can position itself as the solution to weathering the roller coaster of the season.

“Whether its rooting on their fantasy team or watching their favorite players each week, invested football fans go through highs and lows throughout the season,” said Legan. “We’re here to help fans relax during these times – regardless of the outcome – by cracking open that ice-cold Corona and finding their Gameday Beach.”

Romo proved to be the perfect fit for the spirit of the campaign last season, according to Legan, making it an easy decision to bring him back.

“Tony has such a dynamic, infectious personality that resonates well with our audience, plus he is big fan of the brand. When you pair that with his vast knowledge of football, he’s a perfect fit to help fans find their ‘Gameday Beach’ and get them excited for football, with a Corona in-hand of course.”

Romo is excited to be back as well.

“As a football analyst and passionate gameday contributor, I am thrilled to manage the Corona Hotline once again,” said Romo. “The Corona Hotline brings together such a unique array of gameday content and showcases all the excitement and heartbreak that football brings. I am looking forward to enjoying my lime-filled Corona while helping fans get through another fun, competitive season.”

Legan said the top five Hotline call-in cities last season included New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Philadelphia.

“These markets are among those of priority for the Corona brand, so it was great to see these football markets have some fun with the Hotline last season.”

This season’s campaign will kick off on Monday, August 19 and will include TV advertising, retail programming, and both social and digital promotion. The campaign was created by advertising agency Cramer‑Krasselt.

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