25% of top-ranking sites in Google Search have no meta descriptions. Wait, what?

CMSWire – April 5, 2021

C-K Vice President and Director of Search Nick Papagiannis recently spoke to CMSWire on why good SEO descriptions matter. Read the full article on CMSWire.


Meta descriptions help search engines and visitors know what they could expect if they decided to click on your page, and if you choose to ignore them, the results may not be that great, according to Nick Papagiannis, Vice President and Director of Search at Chicago, IL.-based Cramer-Krasselt.

He points out that without a proper meta description, you could risk a potential visitor bypassing your website since they won’t know if it answers their question. “You should think about it like you would any ad or marketing copy,” Papagiannis advises. This means using your existing brand messaging and including a relevant call to action that encourages a user to visit your website.

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