C-Ker opens Genesis MKE, a new art gallery for all ages.

Randy Brown is a new business coordinator at C-K but is also looking to address a problem in the city of Milwaukee. With the help of two friends, Emily Porter and Stacy Dahl, Randy recently opened a new art gallery and event space in the city for all age groups. Intending to cultivate something meaningful, and disrupt the local creative landscape, Genesis MKE will provide opportunities for people from any walk of life, something that he believes was lacking in Milwaukee.

“Ultimately, at the core of our mission, we just want to provide something new and interesting,” Randy recently told The Milwaukee Record. “What can we do? How can we open doors up and create opportunities for people of various different backgrounds? How can we give platforms to people who don’t have one yet? I think the space came out of a question of what Milwaukee needs.”

Genesis MKE will play host to artists, workshops, discussions, performances, book releases and more. Congrats to Randy and his friends on the opening of what promises to be a great space in the city.

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