App Store Optimization (ASO): Considerations for a higher ranking in App Search Results.

By Nick Papagiannis, VP Search Director

ASO or App Store Optimization is a critical tactic to have in place as part of your marketing strategy since it can help brands ensure the success of their mobile applications. There are many levers of ASO but following the best practices below can help increase your chances of having a successful app strategy in place by increasing your apps ranking in store results.

  • App Name: To leverage searches for your app name and general category (music apps), be sure to include a few terms in your app description and title if possible (e.g., Pandora Radio, Trip Advisor Hotels, Flights Restaurants). Despite having a much longer character limit, try to keep your app name less than 25 characters to avoid being cut off in your results listing.
  • App Description: Be sure to have a description that outlines the unique features and benefits and a strong call to action. Similar to the app name (point above), be sure to include some of your important terms that you want the app to rank for here as well.
  • Keywords: If you’re focused on promotion in the iOS App Store, be sure to include as many keywords as possible – especially long-tail terms that your app can own. Use SEO keyword data to determine how people search for categories as well.
  • Screenshots and videos: Be sure to upload high-quality screenshots of your app and tout special features and benefits in those screenshots. Adding visuals is an additional way to communicate benefits for users that don’t read your complete description. Apps can upload up to 5 screenshots, so keep it high-level.
  • Ratings and reviews: Ratings and reviews are one of the primary ways apps get ranked, so be sure to encourage reviews and ratings for your app.
  • Downloads: Be sure to have a download strategy in place to build awareness of your app and encourage users to download it. Consider building a landing page on your site that links to your listing on iTunes and share out content via social, email and paid media channels. Be sure to link directly to your app listing in the App Store to build SEO value for the actual listing as well, since visits and links are rumored to be part of the ranking equation. Also work with your SEO teams to ensure your app shows up in Google search results for when users search for your brand on their mobile device.
  • Update your app via feedback: Update your apps regular to offer an app that offers the upmost value to users by listening to feedback and reviews, as well as testing to make sure usability is optimal. Providing an app that fulfills a need, offers a strong user experience and great utility to customers is the foundation of having a successful app strategy.

App strategies are unique for each brand but following these ASO tactics as well as providing a useful app that offers utility to users can help brands achieve their marketing goals.

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