Mo Omer

Mo is a slow reader and careful listener.

In a world of buzzwords and hype-cycles, Mo keeps his eye on the business problems his clients are facing, providing solutions that leverage technology to solve problems and improve results.

An experienced software architect and engineer, Mo is excited by intuitive systems that just work. Bridging data science, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge technology, his breadth of focus ranges from account management to cloud infrastructure automation and large-scale distributed data processing, pipelines, and analyses. Centered in the world of software engineering, Mo works with data scientists to bring Machine Learning and AI to life in the real world.

His work and open source contributions have impacted businesses, non-profit organizations, higher education classroom operations and software around the world, like University of Southern California, Memex (DARPA project), General Mills, LiveRamp, Google, IEEE Big Data, and countless others.

Recognized by his peers in the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for the merit of his open source contributions, he has been a trusted committer and project management committee member on the Apache Nutch project since 2015, and has helped to bring disparate technology communities together through meet-up groups like GoMN and RailsMN.