What’s drinking Tropicana feel like? Sippin’ sunshine.

Cramer-Krasselt’s new work for Tropicana places brightness and optimism center stage to highlight special moments of genuine warmth shared with family and friends. The “Sip Your Sunshine” campaign for Tropicana’s Pure Premium Orange Juice slows the busy world down during these moments—Tropicana moments—to focus on the pure enjoyment of the juice.

The new spot, “Breakfast Across America,” demonstrates Tropicana’s belief that everyone deserves a moment of real brightness in their day—whether it’s enjoying a glass of Tropicana Pure Premium or watching the sun rise or spending quality time with your family. Moments of real brightness can come in many ways.

The campaign is a cross-channel television, digital and social effort activated on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest, with digital placements simulating in-feed sunshine.

Tropicana social media examples

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