How the next generation found its beach.

Corona has always stood for the beach. And that grew it into the nation’s number-one import. But over time, it boxed the brand into sun-and-sand occasions only. Longtime stewards of the brand, C-K reimagined the beach as more than a destination…as a state of mind. It was a beach that could be wherever people found themselves.

This new idea of where the beach could be turned around four years of consistent sales declines, resulting in double-digit growth and seven straight months of positive sales during the brand’s historical fall/winter off season. And ultimately, the Corona “Find Your Beach” campaign was a 2013 Gold Effie winner.

  • Corona_Caselet_work_640x360
    Watch a new generation find its beach.
  • corona_plane_640x360
    The beach can be 35,000 miles high.
  • corona_beach_1280x720
    The beach can be amplified.
  • corona_cooler_garage_1280x720
    This Corona campaign even inspired new ways to position the brand as the unofficial beer of summer.

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