C-K's Shopper UX (shopper marketing): Something most agencies overlook.

Agencies work so hard to get clients’ customers to their website, to their store, to their aisle. To their product. But once the consumer gets to that point of purchase, all that communication often stops or is no longer coordinated. Or it’s assigned to an unrelated entity: a “specialty agency.”

That’s a huge, siloed break in the connected thinking—the interdisciplinary, integrated marketing.

We have a very different version of shopper marketing, C-K’s Shopper UX, to ensure that we move that critical final step of the consumer journey toward activation from the back door to the front door.

It’s not just a question of online or offline.

It’s not just a question of in-store or off-premise.

Controlling the message at the proximity of sale defines what we do. The closer you deliver the message that brought customers toward your brand at the proximity of that sale, the higher the probability of sale. And that can include everything from store redesign to display coordination to promotional packaging and everything in between that adds to that shopper experience.