Tropicana introduces ‘Pulp Prenup’ to help couples decide if they’re pulp-compatible.

Marriage is about compromise.

But Pulp is not.

Which is why, for National OJ Day on May 4th, we created the world’s first Pulp Prenup for our friends at Tropicana. This lets people decide what side of the Pulp aisle they’re on before they walk down the aisle. Whether Pulp, No Pulp or Some Pulp, the couple that pulps together, stays together. So check out the Pulp Prenup here.

One pair of applicants will be selected to win a lifetime supply of OJ with their chosen pulp quantity and a check to cover honeymoon expenses. 

According to a recent survey commissioned by Tropicana and conducted by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 U.S. adults, 65% of Americans agree it’s easier when everyone in the household has the same pulp preference, and 27% say agreeing on pulp versus no pulp is ideal when choosing the right life partner. 

Read more about the Pulp Prenup in The Drum and Adweek’s Agency Spy.

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