The New York Times is starting a new parenting site with an eye toward subscriptions, but it faces big online competition.

Business Insider – May 8, 2019

By Lucia Moses

[C-K’s SVP of Media and Analytics Chris Wexler was interviewed and quoted in this story. Excerpt below.]

The New York Times is rolling out a new parenting site on May 8, part of its plan to get to 10 million subscriptions by 2025.

Parenting is a competitive space and the Times is relatively new to it.

With NYT Parenting, the Times also is entering a category where there’s already a lot of free information online.

Leading the parenting category is CafeMedia, with about 20 million uniques in March, according to ComScore. No. 2 is Scary Mommy, a blog that barely existed a year ago and now has close to 18 million uniques. Then there are stalwarts Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter (12 million uniques) and Meredith’s Parents Network (9 million).

“They’ll be up against a BabyCenter and also highly trusted mommy bloggers,” Chris Wexler, SVP of media and analytics at Cramer-Krasselt, told Business Insider.

Packaged goods advertisers who are used to paying low ad rates to reach big swaths of people might not be prepared to pay the premium rates the Times traditionally asks for, said Wexler.

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