Porsche partners with New York City Ballet.

When you follow your passion, it can take you somewhere beautiful. Porsche has always understood this, and so has the institution with which Porsche recently formed an exciting new partnership: the legendary New York City Ballet. Inspired by the Porsche Taycan, the two organizations have collaborated to create a dance film that pays tribute to all the qualities the two organizations share: Performance. Elegance. Precision, and, above all, insatiable ambition, fueled by dreams.

Watch a short film commemorating the partnership:

In this short film about the dance and the partnership which inspired it, NYCB dancers and the Taycan take to the streets of New York for a captivating homage to the beauty of following one’s dreams, embarking down new roads in search of greater potential within oneself. Throughout the piece, the dancers’ movements are fluid yet precise, echoing the delicate, striking lines of the Taycan design.

Watch videos profiling the dancers who made these videos possible:

“We’re trying to create an experience we can use to inspire. There are definitely a lot of parallels between Porsche and New York City Ballet and the way that they present themselves. There’s a lot of power, and there’s also a lot of elegance in that power. It’s quite subtle and restrained.” -Peter Walker, Co-choreographer.

Watch behind the scenes footage about the making of these films:

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