Pacifico’s new campaign advises, “live life anchors up.”

Reel Chicago – March 30, 2018

By Colin Costello

Hey dudes and dudettes, Cramer-Krasselt has launched the first national integrated campaign for Pacifico Beer. The brand was developed in 1900 and brought to Baja, California in the 1970s by surfers. It’s a long-time west coast favorite and is now one of the fastest-growing brands in the Constellation portfolio (Corona, Modelo). Poised at the intersection of beer’s hottest trends of Mexican imports and craft, Pacifico is ready to shred the category.

The beer particularly resonates with millennial drinkers and their craving for authenticity, experience, discovery and independence. With this new national campaign, the beer aims to deepen and extend that relationship with millennials across the country.

Focusing on the independent spirit of Pacifico and a way of living that’s accessible to all of us, Cramer-Krasselt has given us “Live Life Anchors Up.” It positions Pacifico as an unpretentious beer with values that invite you free yourself from the anchors that weigh you down.

The first of the two new 30-second spots, directed by Vincent Haycock of Park Pictures, is called “Take The Word back.” Here, a young man heads to a beach with a box and some friends. Standing on the sand facing the ocean, he opens the box. Turns out, it is from his father and it contains a note encouraging him to visit this location and return the trinkets in the box back to their rightful place.

Along his journey, we hear “The world is full of anchors meant to keep you in place, but the good news is that it’s also full of things that remind you not to let them. So, every time you raise a Pacifico let it be a reminder to live life anchors up.” Take a look at the one titled, “Put it Back,” below:

“Some of us have it. Some of us don’t. An independent spirit that pulls us away from the mundane, the dull, the every day. We built these stories to bring that spirit to life,” says Rick Haman, Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director of C-K.

In the second spot, titled, “Postcard,” we begin with a tight shot of a postcard addressed to an advertising easter egg – well-known agency producer Rob Jaeger. Can’t put one past me, C-K! Here, a man takes a journey back to a location where friends and memories – old and new – await him. He’s reminded to take this journey by a postcard he receives. Who’s the sender? That’s the twist?

Since C-K first started working with Constellation on Pacifico in 2015, the brand has spiked its growth, up 19% in 2017, or 9.2 million cases. Now, with a national media buy, “Live Life Anchor’s Up” will be supported through television, national OOH with a focus on core markets – Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins, Vail/Aspen, Steamboat, Colorado Springs, LA, Sacramento, San Diego and Seattle, in-store, digital/social media, events, including Burton US Open of Snowboarding, X Games summer sponsorship, Airstream activation partnership.

Previous “national” work focused mainly on social media.

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