Milwaukee Business Journal  – February 8, 2021

Lisa Rios, senior vice president, director of brand planning for Cramer‑Krasselt 

Ads that outperformed the game:

In my book, Michelob Ultra gets the award for most improved Super Bowl effort. The brand finally capitalized on the potential of their “It’s only worth it if you enjoy it” tag line with an inspiring contemplation: “What if joy is the whole game, not just the end game?” This is the Nike-esque mantra the campaign has been chasing. At last, Michelob Ultra has uncovered the joy.

I immediately connected with Amazon Alexa’s commercial touting the beautiful design of its newest model. And thanks to the rewind feature on my TV, I was able to re-watch the spot four more times, just to make sure I really, truly, completely got it.

There was no better stage for GM to make its commitment to building and selling more electric vehicles. Disarmingly funny and oddly patriotic, the message clearly bested Jeep in delivering the kind of spirit that can rally America.

Rocket Mortgage’s “Certain is better” ads showed us how to elevate silly celebrity comedy to epic levels – and then land it to sell mortgages.

Big chocolate has spent the last several years chasing the kind of genius Snicker’s captured with “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.”  Now M&M’s gives us “sorry,” a simple, memorable and repeatable gesture that’s bound to have staying power. Good stuff.

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