Ad Age: How Tropicana and Minute Maid are trying to win new juice drinkers.

Ad Age – March 12, 2024

Tropicana’s campaign, which comes from Cramer-Krasselt, explores the brand’s growth through generations. Ads suggest that while Tropicana did not invent orange juice, it helped spur juice-related activities, such as mimosa-filled brunches, with one portion of the campaign suggesting that “Tropicana basically invented brunch.”

“Doing a heritage spot can always be concerning—if you come off as old and dusty, and I think we did the opposite of that,” said James Spalding, VP and general manager of Tropicana at Tropicana Brands Group. “We’re really celebrating our heritage because we are one of the leaders in this category, the leader in orange juice, and we want to be for many years to come.”

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