‘A tale of two cities’: The coronavirus is creating a barbell effect for publishers’ ad sales.

Digiday – May 18, 2020

The coronavirus is causing many publishers to experience of bifurcation of their ad sales that’s led to an evaporation of the mid-sized deal…

The net result is an advertising market that has gotten lumpier, with money coming in more fitfully, at a time when publishers’ advertising businesses are under significant pressure.

This trend had begun to emerge before the coronavirus began spreading, said Stephani Estes, SVP and media director at the media agency Cramer-Krasselt.

But many byproducts of the virus’s spread have accelerated it. For example, sudden shocks to the supply chain in March, followed by changes in consumer sentiment, economic news and public health guidelines have put advertisers in a position where they feel like they need to move fast.

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