10 great album covers, chosen by Melissa Severin of Cramer-Krasselt.

Muse by Clio – January 28, 2021

Records were my first exposure to ideas and art far beyond anything available to me growing up in South Omaha in the ’80s.

Looking back, it’s clear just how much of the world music opened for me, beyond the music itself. It gave me friendships, cultures, literature, politics, geography and on and on. In fact, it opened up a career. I would go on to work at a record store in college and started my post-college “real job” life doing public relations at Drag City Records.

Music is also signposts across time. And a coping mechanism. That’s where my list comes in. These are my favorite covers for the music that’s been helping me cope lately—at turns broody, soothing, optimistic and angry.

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