How COVID-19 is impacting culture and consumer behavior: May 11 – 15.

By C-K’s Brand Planning and PR/Social teams

After being on lockdown for so long, people are conflicted: by the need to get out and the desire to feel safe, the right to freedom and the right of public security, a craving for connection and the requisite to keep distance. Ultimately, even if the world is trying to reopen, mentally, we may not be prepared to immediately go back to normal.​

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Sick People Too Scared to Visit the Doctor

Across the country there is an eerie lack of non-COVID ER visits. Despite obvious and sometimes serious symptoms, many people are putting off going to the doctor because they are afraid of contracting COVID. They see emergency rooms and medical facilities as posing too great a risk for contraction. Ironically, their efforts to avoid a visit sometimes results in patients having to spend more time at the hospital because their conditions have become too serious for outpatient treatment. ​

Drive-in Culture. We’re falling in love with our cars again

Consumers are starting to plan the future as a form of escapism. Recent searches on Pinterest suggest people are most interested in planning travel, summer clothes and hanging with friends. However, until restrictions are lifted, cars are taking on new roles. ​

Nostalgia for Things We’ve Lost

Burned out by Zoom and Skype calls but still yearning for a chance to meet friends for dinner, visit family, or go to happy hour with coworkers, many are turning towards dated forms of communication to stay in touch.​​

Time for a Reality Check

Once a novel advancement reserved for the spectrum edges of high tech or frivolous applications, the physical separation, forced lockdown and video camera reliance brought about by COVID-19 may finally usher in mainstream augmented reality. ​

Starved for Sports

A recent study showed that fans are deprived and growing increasingly eager to get back to watching sports. Nearly half of fans are willing to attend a live sporting event without hesitation. However, in the last few weeks, the tides have finally started to shift as sports make a return to a COVID world. ​

  • After COVID shut down the European soccer league, the German Bundesliga will be the first major soccer league to return to regular matches. With strict health protocols, limited playing time and cardboard cutouts of fans to fill the stands, the league will look and feel a lot different.
  • Football is back…well, maybe. In an optimistic move, the NFL has released their preseason schedule with games potentially starting in August. All eyes are on COVID as it will dictate whether the season goes forth. 
  • With a plan to open the season without fans permitted, the MLB has proposed opening the season as early as the July 4th weekend. In the meantime, baseball fans who can’t wait can turn on the Korean Baseball Organization which has just begun their preseason series. But without an audience in the stands, both fans and players alike are finding the game a little unsettling. 

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