How COVID-19 is impacting culture and consumer behavior: April 13 – 17.

By C-K’s Brand Planning and PR/Social teams

We are in week six of staying at home due to COVID-19 and turning our focus to relationships. We’re restless and anxious while waiting out this pandemic: why does it feel like Groundhog’s Day while everything also seems to be changing at the same time? Our new is unknown and our personal, professional and financial relationships are all in flux because of it. ​

Trends for April 13 – 17.

(Read the trends for April 6 – 10.)

Getting Alongin Captivity

For some, relationships amidst COVID-19 have benefited. For others, all this togetherness has taken a toll. For all, the longer the pandemic persists, the more fluid our relationships become.  

A Virus With aGender Gap

COVID-19 is impacting men and women differently, both physically and financially. For some, it’s also raising alarms about a backslide on gender equality.

The Parents are Not All Right

Parents are having a hard time settling into a routine between WFH and home schooling. Many schools are canceled for the rest of the year and some camps have canceled summer programs. 

To Screen or Not to Screen

Another parental dilemma—screen time. With school moved online and families’ growing need for entertainment and escape, parents are putting screen time restrictions on hold. Experts agree.

Living OurBest Virtual Lives

When “the world is too much” we are turning to virtual worlds to escape our current reality. 

Shifting MoneyRelationships

Thirty percent of consumers expect their financial situation to become worse over the next six months. So, they’re reprioritizing their spending, and in many cases, dramatically reducing what they spend overall.