Knott’s Berry Farm allows anyone to be a deputy in the Wild West.

This year marked the 75th Anniversary of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town, the Wild West themed area of the park. To celebrate, Knott’s built a guest experience more interactive than ever before. We’re talking real saloon poker games, outlaw robberies, deputy searches conducted by the Sheriff and more.

We wanted to match that big news with a big interactive idea of our own. So we created Knott’s Berry Farm Bounty Hunter on Instagram. We worked with a photographer to put all of Ghost Town on the platform and turn the park it into its own explorable world with the touch of a thumb, using the platform’s tagging function. The experience included a hide-and-seek style game of find the outlaw, with ticket giveaways as a prize. We also included interesting historical facts about the landmarks, a Blacksmithing tutorial video, cinemagraphs and other fun Easter eggs to keep users clicking around the digital park. In total, there were 31 interconnected accounts, 372 posts and 5 wanted outlaws for users to discover.

With Bounty Hunter, guests got a taste of the uniquely fun and interactive aspect of the Wild West that they could expect when they came to celebrate Ghost Town’s 75th anniversary at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Knott's Bounty Hunter

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