Rozerem: Abraham Lincoln and a beaver. Best buddy movie ever?

Pharmaceutical advertising was pretty much comatose. And the sleep-aid category was no different. The groundbreaking campaign for Rozerem woke it up by actually leveraging a real insight: That people associate dreaming with good sleep. So instead of cliché images of happy people waking refreshed, we had dreams — crazy dreams — wistfully in search of sound sleepers. After the Rozerem campaign broke, new prescriptions rose 40% in the first two months of the launch. Market share doubled in just five months. Unique website visits went up 700%. In less than a year, it ranked second most memorable of all U.S. pharmaceutical advertising, launching jokes on The Jay Leno Show and appearances on the Simpsons and the Sopranos.

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    Your dreams miss you. They really, really do.
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