A controversial reframing bumps Porsche 911 sales 35%.

Before the latest generation of the 911 was introduced, sales of the outgoing model were languishing. We were deep in the Great Recession, so maybe even the affluent were making tough choices. Or maybe people were just waiting for the new model? Nope and nope. People had the money for a 911. And since even old 911s hold their value insanely well, people weren’t all that worried about model years. But the economic environment was changing people’s value systems. $100,000 for a car? Okay. $100,000 for a weekend car? Not so okay. That insight launched the Porsche 911 “Everyday Magic” campaign, which broke the rules by breaking through the museum glass of the Porsche mystique to tell the real story of the 911: that it’s simply the most usable and relevant great sports car in the world. With print, TV, online, mobile, direct, user content, dealer integration, and a cinema production, it changed the conversation about an icon and drove immediate double-digit sales increases.

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    Watch how Everyday Magic happens.
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