Who says frozen popsicles can’t be sophisticated?

When Linnea’s Liqkers & Pops came to us with flavors like Strawberry Basil Punch and Rosemary Lemonade Detox, we knew they had elevated the traditional kid’s treat to something people of all ages can enjoy. What they needed was branding worthy of their delicious creations.

Linnea's Logo

Since few things are more lighthearted than a frozen treat, we created a logo to reflect that. The twist of the smiling sun shining from the handwritten name signals that something good comes from Linnea’s artisanal, handcrafted nature.

This guided us into packaging design where we added more eye-catching, contemporary colors to pair with each unique flavor. There is also the perfect drool of sweet pop goodness over which the flavor of each pop is printed beneath the sunny logo.

The branding extended throughout Linnea’s website and social media platforms with every piece working together to create a vibrant presentation for a brand that is all about fun and flavor.

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