Welcome to Simplistics: Solving the B2B logistics nightmare.

B2B logistics. Think: Shipping really big things using really big things. Giant Containers. Barges. Semis and cargo planes.

That’s the business our client ArcBest is in, but they’re new to the game. In name, anyway.

The company was formerly a group of five separate shipping and transport providers. ArcBest was combining these business units under one organizational structure and ultimately repositioning themselves as a full-service logistics company. Now, they would have to reach logistics professionals who face nightmare scenarios like thunderstorms, hurricanes or blizzards that throw their world out of whack. And, large-scale shipping costs big money so they need partners who can make their lives easier.

Outspent in the category, which is dominated by well-known and well-established competitors, ArcBest managed to introduce itself to logistics professionals by turning their logistical nightmares into an easy, dreamy reality.

In just three months, our “Welcome to Simplistics” campaign achieved double-digit increases in customer awareness and brand familiarity as well as a massive increase in quarterly income.

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