Yes, mosquitos are jerks. That’s something anyone with skin can relate to.

TIKI Brand is here to help. Known for bringing light to backyard gatherings for decades, the brand has the perfect mosquito repelling product in BiteFighter® Torch Fuel.

In Cramer-Krasselt’s latest work for the brand, we targeted consumers online during peak mosquito season, using humor to remind them not to let mosquitos ruin their summer activities. The spots, with eye-catching colors and fun anti-mosquito declarations, reached consumers on social media.

TIKI Brand

TIKI also partnered with landscaping expert Sara Bendrick, who served as the brand spokesperson, and other influencers in key markets who are known for their relatable outdoor entertaining content. These influencers created brand recognition and highlighted BiteFighter functionality by posting product reviews and associated images that highlighted the product to their followers. The “buzz” created from our influencers and the campaign helped to connect consumers to BiteFighter® and created a mosquito-free summer.