Premium wiper blades are a hot business.

You might not know it, but premium wiper blades are a hot category. In fact, the aftermarket value of wiper blades is growing and predicted to reach an estimated $1.04 billion in 2023*. The Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge™ Wiper Blade is the brand’s new premium beam wiper blade built to endure extreme weather conditions and hits that sweet spot for growth within the category.

However, while the market is growing, consumers are typically weather triggered and look for long-lasting, durable blades. Brand and price are quality cues but they want to feel confident their purchase is worth the price.

Enter Fire & Ice, C-K’s campaign for Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge™ Wiper Blades. Built on understanding and harnessing the data around consumers’ weather-triggered mindset, our work launched in connection with the fall/winter seasons with media running in areas impacted by weather changes.

Fire & Ice

The creative concept for Fire & Ice uses both elements to demonstrate the product’s durability under extreme conditions. “It’s a challenge to depict the super premium value of this type of product in a way that grabs attention,” noted Todd Stone, executive creative director at C-K. “But our goal mixes art and science in a way that really demonstrates the performance of the blades.”

The campaign includes television, outdoor digital billboards, social media, weather-triggered pre-roll video across desktop and mobile apps, geo-mobile targeting highlighting retailer specific promotions, and more.



* North America Premium Wiper Blades Market 2017-2023.



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