In “The Heist,” Porsche introduces the fully electric Taycan. The 60-second spot begins with what appears to be a theft at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The stealthy and quiet Taycan slips out of the museum and chase ensues. But, it’s not your normal car chase and we quickly learn the security team at the museum aren’t your average security guards. Only Porsche would staff guards who double as race car drivers.

By the end of “The Heist” we find out it’s not a heist at all but a game the guards play so that they can have a bit of fun driving the museum’s collection. Some of the cars sharing the fun with the Taycan include the legendary 917 K race car, the pioneering 918 Spyder hybrid supercar, and the iconic Porsche 911 shown as a 2020 model with modifications for closed-course stunt driving.

In the words of C-K’s CCO Marshall Ross, “No automaker on Earth could assemble so fascinating a collection of heartthrobs.”