It’s time for investing to feel individual.

The world is customized and geared to us – our news feed, our coffee, our Netflix queue – everything. So shouldn’t something as important as our money be, too? Edward Jones thinks so. That’s why C-K and Edward Jones created, “Champion of the Individual,” a broadcast and digital campaign that reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to the individual investor.

Edward Jones is a big company but their high-touch client-service model feels much smaller, more personal. You could say it’s a big company that doesn’t act that way. In “Champion of the Individual,” we demonstrate how the brand puts relationships first and treats each investor like a person, not an account number. Our job was to educate prospects that there is a different kind of investment firm out there. One that invests on a more personal level.

All About You

Gary Doyle, group creative director at C-K, noted, “The Edward Jones brand and business model has always been rooted in personal attention – knowing what’s important to you and gearing the investment experience accordingly.”

Express Yourself

The TV commercials will run nationally on networks including ABC, CBS and NBC and cable networks such as ESPN, CNN, Fox News, HGTV and Discovery Channel. The digital ads will feature custom partnerships with Major League Baseball ( and will run across digital platforms.

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