Brewing up a surprise for coffee drinkers, Porsche style.

Imagine a cup of coffee so strong you need to sign a waiver. This is precisely what C-K and Porsche planned for unsuspecting coffee drinkers at a café in Southern California, near its Los Angeles Experience Center.

Customers at the Green Door Café, who ordered the mysterious “E-Jolt” drink from the menu, got much more than coffee. First, there was signing the waiver (“waivers for coffee are the hip new thing”) and then, in addition to a cup of caffeine, they were whisked away to the Experience Center where a professional Porsche race driver treated them to a high voltage spin in the brand new Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.


Hybrid engines are considered “good” technology thanks to their ecological benefits. But they’re not known for much else. No one thinks hybrids are “fun,” or “exhilarating.” And those two notions are central to the Porsche brand. In order to successfully launch our new hybrid car, we needed to shake up perceptions in an innovative way.

People can’t simply hear why a hybrid car is more thrilling than most gasoline powered cars. They have to experience it in a way that takes them by surprise. This activation did exactly that, by unknowingly swapping their morning coffee with an eye-opening, exclusively Porsche experience.


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