Ariens snowblowers: Go the extra mile.

Ariens is known as “The King of Snow” for a reason. Since 1960 the brand has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and testing all-steel construction snowblowers that are considered some of the best and easiest to use by pros and residential users alike. To demonstrate just how easy they are to use, we brought a simple story to life.

What if you had a neighbor who, in spite of 12 inches of wet snow piled high on their sidewalk and driveway, blows through it quickly and then gleefully sets to clear the entire neighborhood like some sort of snow-blowing angel? With Ariens, anyone can “Go the Extra Mile.”

Social media and print also leveraged the campaign platform in a fun way, featuring an Ariens snowblower clearing a path across posts and pages.

Ariens: King of Snow

“Go the Extra Mile,” with its joyful Peggy Lee “It’s a Good Day” soundtrack, captures what it’s like to use a machine of this caliber and the sense of satisfaction familiar to all Ariens owners.




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