C-K create is calling all makers, creators and hustlers.

What to expect from this internship

C-K Create combines real brand experience with real world experience. During the internship you will be exposed to “The Way We Work” and contribute to real brand work. You will learn what’s going on across the agency with the help of many C-Kers, as well as from the other interns.

In addition, you will work on an intern project in which you will be divided into small teams to tackle a real world challenge from conception through execution.

C-K interns also participate in the 4A’s intern programs including panel sessions with industry leaders and networking events.

We want you to walk away from this internship with two things:

  1. A real look at agency life
  2. Work from the summer project that showcases your creative abilities and thinking

What C-K expects from you

During your internship you may be assisting one department but we are an integrated agency without silos. We collaborate and expect creativity and innovation from every employee regardless of title.

This is especially true in the summer project, where the brief will be more unstructured and the teams not traditional. Our hope is that this leads to different thinking, but in order to get there, we need our C-K Creators to be able to think on their feet, adapt, not be afraid to fail and most importantly, be able to create.

What C-K Creators have done in past years

2017 C-K Create Projects

2016 C-K Create Projects

When you can apply

Postings for our C-K Create Summer Internship in Chicago, Milwaukee and New York will be posted here on December 1st, 2017.