Tim Mauery

Tim has trouble focusing.

His account management leadership has been influenced by dips in many different marketing ponds. Account management? Of course. Account planning? You bet. Digital strategy? Sure. Copywriter? OK. Client side? Yes, actually.

But multi-tasking can be a good thing. He’s been able to corral all that experience into work for some of the world’s most successful brands, like Heinz, Cetaphil, Kraft, MasterCard, Unilever, Wendy’s and USAA – to name a few.

Years ago, as a Northwestern graduate student braving a brutal winter, Tim swore he would never ever – ever  –  live in Chicago again. So he spent a fair bit of time on Madison Avenue. Until he fell in love with a Chicago girl, and then, of course, C-K.

He now proudly calls the Windy City home. And that Chicago girl? She became his wife. Together they have three beautiful daughters – on whom Tim has absolutely no trouble focusing.